Fanspay Checkout

Use a low-code integration to build a customized payment page, hosted on Fanspay.

If you want to start selling online, Fanspay checkout offers a simple way for customers to pay you.

Checkout is a low-code payment integration that creates a payment page so you can quickly collect payments on desktop and mobile devices.

Checkout supports one-time and recurring payments as well as donations for your global customer base. Checkout page consists of 2 blocks:

Product block (left) contains:

  1. Merchant name
  2. Product name
  3. Product price
  4. Product description

Pay with crypto block (right) contains:

  1. Customer address
  2. List of blockchains available for payment with the balance from the customer's wallet
  3. List of stabelcoins available for payment with the current balance from the customer's wallet

How to pay with Fanspay

To pay the customer needs to follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Connect a wallet
  2. Select stablecoin
  3. Sign transaction