Explore a full, working sample of integration with Fanspay Payouts.

This quickstart guide will help you set up your Fanspay account for payouts, allowing you to make payments to multiple recipients using the Fanspay Payout API. This step-by-step guide will walk you through granting access to the smart contract, creating an API request, and executing payouts using the smart contract.

Step 1: Granting access to Fanspay smart contract

  • Log in to your Fanspay merchant account.
  • Navigate to the Payouts tab in the Merchant account menu.
  • Connect your wallet to your Fanspay account.
  • Select the blockchain you want to use for the payouts.
  • Choose the stablecoin(s) you want to use for payouts.
  • Sign the transaction to grant access to Fanspay's smart contract.

Step 2: Get the secret API key

  • Log in to your Fanspay merchant account.
  • Navigate to the API tab in the Merchant account menu.
  • Copy your API secret key.

Step 3: Create and send API request

  • Visit the Fanspay API documentation page to learn about the available API endpoints and request formats.
  • Construct an API request for the Payout endpoint, specifying the recipients, stablecoin amounts, and other necessary parameters.
  • Send a request to the Fanspay server.

Fanspay will relay the command to its smart contract, which will process the payouts. The smart contract will debit the specified amounts from your wallet and transfer them to the recipient's accounts.

Remember that Fanspay's commission is calculated based on the total transaction amount, with a 0.5% fee applied to each stablecoin individually. This fee is added to the total transaction amount.

If you want to know about status of the payout, you can check it in Fanspay Dashboard or handle payout webhook from our server.